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hey poképals!!! I just finished breeding myself a shedinja and have like A ZILLION NINCADA W/ NIGHT SLASH left over.

The 15 on the left all have night slash, the 6 on the right don’t, but they all have between 4-5 perfect IVs! my FC is 0533-4959-1995!!! drop me yours here or in my inbox if you want a nincada!!! followers only pls you guys are my pokébuds n put up with my pokémon blogging so you get first dibs ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

lemmie know if there’s a specific sex/name you want and I’ll try n accommodate!!!!

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

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  1. emboites said: Ninja Turtles bless you omg all these names are amazing
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  5. falris said: My FC is 1977-0377-0434. And uh, I’d pref one of the ones with Night Slash, but otherwise, surprise me :)
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  7. bum-bum-rapido said: 0232-7756-5885!! Nothing specific really <3
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  9. mechanicalspiral said: My friend code is 3823-8999-8891, dont really have a gender or name bias I would just like one with night slash. I can toss a Chespin with Spikes your way if youd like.
  10. dualpaperbags said: my FC is 3007-8157-7266, would I be able to get a female nincada with 5 IVs? I would be able to trade you something else with 5 IVs, I’ve got a lot of Tympole and honedge and Eevee and Corsola and Klefki and Shelder and Poliwag
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