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"At Least, Be Human"

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KIll La Kill
Rita and Emelia as models
photo by me

Anonymous:You and your sister are so gorgeous beautiful. Love the new cosplay




organizational bliss ✨✨✨ #cosplay #sewing #fabric

organizational bliss ✨✨✨ #cosplay #sewing #fabric

☀️ Summer fun in the summer sun!!! ☀️

Ryuku ☀️ FB/tumblr
☀️ FB/tumblr
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thug life rock life every night ✂️✂️✂️ #killlakill #klk #ryukomatoi #makomankanshoku #cosplay

thug life rock life every night ✂️✂️✂️ #killlakill #klk #ryukomatoi #makomankanshoku #cosplay

lets go to the bEACH EACH LETS GO GET AWAY ☀️🏄✨ #cosplay #makomankanshoku #ryukomatoi #klk #killlakill

lets go to the bEACH EACH LETS GO GET AWAY ☀️🏄✨ #cosplay #makomankanshoku #ryukomatoi #klk #killlakill

Favourite Cosplayers: Mostflogged (Video Game Edition)

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Anonymous:Oh man I'm sorry, that guy was really rude, you don't deserve to be talked to that way :(

aaahhh it’s okay, i have a thick skin. honestly i thought it was kinda funny he spent that much time writing all that out haha. But thank you, i really appreciate it  ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊  i just wish people were kinder to cosplayers and artists in general. we put our hearts on the line and then show what we’ve worked on publicly that takes a lot of bravery and then people just shit all over the things people create it’s so negative and unnecessary AND MUST BE STOPPED.

Anonymous:Do you ever dye your hair for cosplaying or do you exclusively use wigs?

i’ve only ever dyed my hair for cosplay once, which was cosplaying beast from kuroshitsuji, who has black hair, and i used my dyed hair for a hairline and a black wig attached to a headband for the back of my hair. 163 times out of 164 i’ve used a wig.



"By 20, she was one of the top female assassins in the world."

O-ren Ishii FB/tumblr
Photography flickr/

Oh my dear god, that is the most horrible shooting form I’ve ever seen. From head to toe:

Neck strained forward is bad. It’s difficult to maintain that pose for long, and the shooter should be able to drop their cheek right on the stock when the rifle is shouldered. If you can’t do that, you need to check your shouldering or get a cheek-raiser. Also, you’re not supposed to have your eye right to the scope, at least an inch between your eye and the lens is proper. Plus, if your eye were right on the scope, you’d have a black eye from one shot.

Torso is TOO VERTICAL. Either lean into the shot with your torso forward, or put your belly 90* to the plane of the gun and tuck your supporting arm elbow into your side, leaning away from the gun.

Not seeing any Chicken Winging, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Legs/feet: Determined by the shooter’s choice of stance, but in this case, heels are not helping at all, back leg is too straight. Feet should be parallel, knees bent which helps absorb recoil and encourages a forward lean which also absorbs recoil.

One last note: You have a fucking bipod. Use it. Prone position is FAR more stable and accurate than STANDING UP to shoot. Some sniper you are.

do you know that I am not actually one of the top female assassins in the world

Anonymous:I'm new to makeup and need some guidance. How do you decide how you want your make up to look for each costume? Is it by the age of the character? also do you ever tint your eyebrows to match your wig color?

it’s a combination of the age/attitude of the character/outfit they’re wearing. For younger/more innocent characters like Kiki (’s delivery service) and haruhi (ouran host club) I go with minimal make up and lighter colors to highlight and make my eyes look bigger/cheeks look rounder, for more INTENSE female characters i use a brown to make my jawline and cheekbones stand out more, and for male character i make my eyebrows less arched, thicker, and counter my jaw, chin and cheeks! and then there’s minor stuff i adjust depending on the outfit/details of the characters make up, since sometimes characters are wearing visible make up (like Asami from legend of Korra)

I DO but my eyebrows are black as the night so it doesn’t really show up that well, but i do try and tint my eyebrows a darker shade of whatever color my wig is. Usually by covering them in concealer, then going over them with eyeshadow in my desired color!

Anonymous:What got you interested in cosplay? Granted, there is a TON of appeal, but I was wondering if there was something specific about it that just made you say "Hey, I really wanna try this - looks like fun."

this is so embarrassing but it was basically my desperate attempt to socialize with nerd girls in the hopes of getting a girlfriend. I also LOVE ANIME and was kinda frustrated because i’d hit a wall with drawing (that wall being, i’m not good at it lol) and i was looking for another creative outlet to express my intense nerd feelings about anime.