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Anonymous:what kind of fabrics would you use for maribelle? i've gotten as far as cotton sateen but it exists in zero colors, oops. thank you!


wow there is so much you could do with this, honestly a lot of it is up to personal interpretation/etc BUT here’s just some ideas!!!

The brown bits I would make out of leather/a nice pleather, pretty much no matter what, that’s just what they look like to me. you could use craft foam or neoprene to give them more dimension too if you wanted!!!!

For the white shirt with the puffy sleeves I would make that out of some kind of thicker cotton jersey, which would make it a bit easier to move around and would sit better on your chest! You could also make it out of cotton sateen but you might need darts/princess seams to get it to sit right on your boob area. Same goes for the neck scarf thing, I’d make it out of a matching jersey (honestly i’d go with cotton jersey over sateen on the neck thing, it would sit better and be way more comfy)

okaY for the light pink part there’s a few ways you could do it, and right now spandex house has this GORGEOUS leather look stretch pleather in light pink, and I would consider using that for the underbust ‘corset’ thing and the gloves, then get a matching cotton jersey for the pants/capelet!! Since you’re going to need to make gloves you’re going to have to buy gloves to paint pink or make gloves out of a stretch material, which is why i think the pleather might be a cool idea!!! But, you could also use cotton jersey for the gloves/underbust corset thing or cotton sateen for the underbust corset/pants.

the dark pink on the top half of the costume i would use either cotton sateen or a pleather depending on the look you’re going for, and for the pants I would use either a cotton sateen or a thick jersey, depending on what you used for the light pink part.

I hope that helped and didn’t just confuse you more!!! Basically, it’s up to you and what you think will look good BUT i seriously suggest using something stretch for the white blouse/neck scarf, and the pink gloves just to make your own life easier!! everything else is free game!!!! Also, with natural fibers like cotton sateen and jersey you can dye them!!! And I’m like 90% positive i’ve seen cotton sateen/jersey in those colors before! they’re out there!!

Anonymous:I read on your acp that you sewed your Ms. Marvel bootcovers to your tights so they wouldn't fall down. Please I need to know.. How???? Is there a special stitch or method that won't make the tights run and tear? Thank you for your trouble >.<


they’re dance tights so they’re thicker than regular tights which was a factor, and I also put a little triangle of power mesh as interfacing behind the tights!!! and then i was just…very ginger about walking/making sure they weren’t falling/pulling too much!!!

Anonymous:I always LOVE how perfectly fitted your vinyl catsuits look. I've been struggling to make mine fit without adding darts.. I think one of the main reasons is because the pattern i've been using is 2 panel as oppose to 4. The pattern I use it kwik sew K3052. Any tips on how I could change it from 2 panel to 4? Could I seriously just cut directly down the middle of each panel? Thankyou!!

aw, thank you so much!!! And hmmm my pattern was originally a 4 piece pattern that i usually turn into a 3 piece pattern (one in the front and two in the back lmao) so that could be it??? a 2 piece pattern is gonna fit your curves less well. It could also be the fabric you’re using isn’t as stretchy as mine!

and no, it’s not just a straight line, it’s gotta have THAT CROTCH CURVE, the curves should kinda look like this??? I would suggest buying a commercial 4 panel cat suit pattern it will come in SO HANDY

faithandbravery:Hi Jenni! I saw you at NYCC and was too shy to say hi, but your Ms. Marvel looked awesome and it looked like you were having fun! Is working a booth like that difficult? Or is it generally pretty fun to interact with fans like that?

awww no you should have said hello!!! and thank you so much!!! I personally love working at the kotobukiya booth, I get to talk to people about figures (which I love) and generally people are quite nice!!! Men ted to be a little more handsy than I’m comfortable with, which is probably the worst thing I can say about it, but besides that it’s always a blast! I also only do it for 2 hours a day, doing it for more than 3 I think would totally exhaust me, since it is kinda physically draining to maintain a high energy for that long. But it’s still super fun and I love doing it and getting to meet people!!!! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Anonymous:I want to cosplay but I m very self conscious of my butt stretch marks! When I was younger I never really out on lotion and I was just wondering if you have stretch marks in the same area and if you have any tips so I feel comfortable cosplaying ;-;

no one puts lotion on their stretch marks when they’re getting them and literally everyone has them, they’re nothing to be self conscious about. trust me, that’s like being self conscious about farting, literally EVERYONE has stretch marks.

You can cover the with make up if your skin is showing or wear tights, which will make them not really photograph at all. But honestly it’s not something worth beating yourself up over, especially considering that it’s extremely common, and it’s such an easy thing to cover up if it does bother you.

Anonymous:What are your favorite sewing machine accessories you own? Ones you wish you owned? Same question goes for actual sewing accessories! (Like sheers or rotary cutter or something.) Im looking to expand my collection with stuff I own to help improve my skills!

I really wish i had a cover stitch machine!!!! Anndd i need to get myself one of those silly long ironing boards for sleeves cause i always get frustrated trying to iron them on a normal ironing board! And besides that I’m actually pretty happy with my sewing set up???? there’s a few more books i wish i had but i’m actually super happy with my sewing set up now that i moved it into a different room!!!

honestly I can’t live without a good pair of shears, or my serger. Having a serger made my life so much easier just cause I love pearl hemming things and i sew so much stretchy stuff!!! I also really like having a clear ruler for when you’re adding seam allowence to patterns, much easier than a not-clear ruler. 

Anonymous:Hello! I have weird question. I wanted to cosplay Korra from LOK. But I wanted to do a more formal cosplay of her. Almost like an Asami Chinese dress. Or anything. Do you have any advice?

I don’t really know anything about design :T I would ask an artist or designer you like!!!

dirklish:Hi! I was wondering how you made your Demons and Angels Roxy Boots? They look lovely!

Faq! For more details I have a tutorial on my deviant art!

and thank you!!!

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Anonymous:Google Darkside of Comicon for Inside edition. It is about cosplay harrasment.

i saw, it was a very uhhhhh try hard video i guess??? the whole DARK SIDE TO COMIC CONNNN WHOOOO WOMEN GET TREATED BADLY!!! is just like???? oh…cause outside of comic con they’re treated so well……it’s only…at comic conventions women are treated like objects and made to feel uncomfortable…yeah….

Anonymous:thank you so much for answering my question about pattern making!! i really appreciate it, especially since youve been busy with nycc (which you looked SUPER FAB at btw) and im totally gonna try to find some books on it and read up! i didnt realize it was like asking an artist how to draw, thats actually v insightful in explaining my frustration. my only thing is, fabric is expensive and i dont exactly have the funds to buy enough to essentially make both a mock up AND the final product (1/2)
with similar fabric seeing as it’d get quite pricey depending on the project. do you just work enough to be able to afford such a hobby?? cause im baffled at how some people pull off amazing cosplays and not go broke. again im sorry for asking such basic questions, and i really do appreciate you taking the time to answer!! <3 youre a huge inspiration to me and its an honor to get your advice uvu (2/2)
yeah, pattering and sewing in general is a whole thing unto itself and once you start figuring it out things will get easier and fall into place but until you do it can be very overwhelming! There are just certain things that you really cannot make without making a mock up. Some things you can, once you have a pattern/understand how basic patterning works, but in the beginning when you’re still learning the ropes you should expect t have to remake stuff at least once and screw up constantly. Honestly, sewing was not fun for me the first 1-2 years I started doing it because I just didn’t GET IT so I was constantly taking way longer than i needed to with stuff/making mistakes and wasting a shit load of fabric/etc. Cosplay is expensive. Once you’ve been doing it for a while it gets less costly, but in the beginning when every new costume requires shoes/fabric/more fabric when you screw up/glue/thread/make up/sewing machine/wig/contacts, even a simple costume could cost upwards of 200$. Once you have your basics costumes start costing less and less, since you may no longer need to get wig/contacts/shoes/extra fabric for a mock up, but in the beginning it’s a very pricey hobby. I just graduated from college about a month and a half ago, so i’m actually not making any new costumes that I don’t already have materials for, but since I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years i have a shit load of materials. For NYCC the only costume I spent money on out of the 4 costumes I wore was my Huntress! Otherwise i already had materials/am selling the other things I wore!

When I was in college I worked at least 25 hours a week, sometimes 40, the entire time i was in school and over summer breaks, so I’ve had money to put towards my hobby. You pretty much need a job if you plan on cosplaying because it does get really expensive. But!!! the nice thing about it is that, like i said, once you’ve been doing it for a few years it gets wayyyyy less pricey, stressful and difficult!!! it’s a hobby i’ve found just gets more enjoyable as time goes on!!